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Our Story

The Golden Gourmet has been a family owned business for over 40 years, with the business being passed down through generations. The current owner, Paul Solomou took over the business in 2007, from his parents who had been running the shop since 1975.

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Our Produce

Here at The Golden Gourmet, we sell the highest of quality products to our customers, here is a bit of information how where we source products from.

fresh organic potatoes in the field.jpg

Our Potatos

Our potatoes are sourced by Mitchell Potatoes, the UK's largest potato merchant. Mitchell's potatoes source the best quality potatoes from across the UK and Europe ranging from places such a Cambridgeshire, Essex, Belgium, Cyprus and many more areas. All growers must operate their farms and crop growing and crop storage to Assured Produce Scheme standards and be APS registered and independently audited. This results in safe food, with produce traceability, accountability, and safe use and application of herbicides and pesticides. We use only selected growers from grade one growing areas, who use certified seeds. This results in ever increasing quality.

Box of Fresh Fish

Our Fish

The company who supply our great tasting fish are called "T. Quality".  T. Quality source their fish from a range of different water such as Norwegian, Russian and Icelandic. Their fish is frozen at sea, within the first 2-6 hours straight from the cold, clean and clear arctic oceans, this locks in the flavor, texture, and taste of the fish.

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Our Meats

Doner Meat

Our high-quality doner meat is supplied by "Andonis Kebabs". Their key to success is simplicity, which is reflected in their doner meat recipe; 92g minced lamb, 4g breadcrumbs and 4g herbs and spices. Andonis doner kebab is 100% newzeland lamb and all handmade with no added colours, additives and preservatives. 

Chicken Meat

Our great tasting chicken kebab meat is supplied by "Mimis". The unique taste of their product is created by heating their spices prior to use to bring out the distinct flavors, then marinate the Chicken in carefully prepared mixes of spices and herbs.

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